Highlights of the year

Operating profit


Underlying earnings


Earnings per share


  • Record total Group operating profit of $10.1 billion, with operating profit from core operations up 12% to $8.9 billion
  • Strong performances from Base Metals, Platinum, Ferrous Metals and Industrial Minerals
  • Uplifting our unique portfolio and driving significant growth

Graph showing the change in dividends per share over the past 5 years Graph showing the change in underlying earnings per share over the past 5 years

Total Group includes both continuing and discontinued operations.

Underlying earnings represents total Group underlying earnings unless otherwise stated. Basis of calculation of underlying earnings is set out in note 12 to the financial statements.

Operating profit represents total Group operating profit and includes share of associates’ operating profit (before share of associates’ tax and finance charges) and is before special items and remeasurements unless otherwise stated.

Operations considered core to the Group are Base Metals, Platinum, Ferrous Metals’ core businesses (Kumba Iron Ore, Scaw Metals, Samancor and Minas-Rio), Coal and Diamonds.

Throughout this report 2003 is presented under UK GAAP. 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 results are presented under IFRS. Unless otherwise stated ‘$’ and ‘dollar’ denote US dollars.